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Be Confident.
Be Heard.

Empowering you with communication skills to shine in a global workforce.

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Free Download

Project Tracker

Your Performance Review Savior.


The hardest part of performance reviews is remembering what you did in the last 6 months!

Keep track of what you've done.


  • Google Sheet

  • How to Use

  • Project Tracker

  • Performance Categories

  • Action Verb List

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Free Mini Workshop

Cross-Cultural Understanding

With a diverse team comes fewer shared assumptions. 

Dispel ambiguity and increase productivity!

Learn how to have your team sync up. 

  • Video on Time & Scheduling

  • Information Packet

  • Self-Awareness Check

  • Guide for Group discussions

  • Best Practices

Work Meeting

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Our Mission

Whether it's private coaching, workshops or a free event, all participants will walk away with information that they feel ready and excited to try right away. ​

Lecturing is not part of the agenda and every aspect engaging for your mind. 

Learning a new skill is difficult but should never feel impossible. Let us show you how. 

No matter what, we aim for :

  • Practical and achieve solutions that create the largest impact for each client.

  • Hands-on experience and immediate feedback for quick learning cycle.

  • Encourage awareness, reflection and problem solving that will assist in all future learning outside of communication.

Our Approach


  • Understand where our blockers come from.

  • Engage in discussion rather than prescribing solutions.


Teacher and Blackboard


  • Learn frameworks to deliver communication that serve as a foundation.



  • Practice in a safe, low stakes environment where mistakes aren't penalized.

  • Instead, they are growth opportunities for the individual and peers.


Our Services

Private Coaching

For individuals looking to boost their communication skills and elevate them to their next career goal.

In-House Workshop

For teams looking for a hands-on practical workshop to become more inclusive, productive and constructive.

Ayana, JP

Assertive communication is something I struggled with.
Our sessions made clear where I can improve and what I should keep in mind. Knowing those tips helped me on having more effective discussions with my team and managers.

Jinyue, CA

Erika is patient and always gives prompt feedback. She treats clients with respect and always be very patient in listening to them.
Compared to other coaches I met, I feel she understands me better, showing great empathy which makes me feel safe and calm.

Lisa, IL

Her hands-on approach to training was refreshing and the actionable feedback meant I walked away with better communication skills within the first hour of our workshop.

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