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Be Confident.
Be Heard.

Online Communication Coaching to get you to your next Professional Goal

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I'm Erika, An Expert in Communication

As a communication coach, I've helped 150+ clients gain the understanding and confidence to present their best at work. More importantly, they developed the confidence to speak honestly which has allowed them to become more satisfied with their work and also transformed their work-life balance.

Once you’ve learned to speak honestly and with confidence, applications are limitless.

I’ve even had clients use these same professional skills with their partners at home. They’re better able to communicate their needs, fears, and appreciation, opening the door to a happier personal life.

Contact me now for a free consultation. Let’s start achieving your professional goals together.

My Specialties

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Language is not the only barrier to communication.


Gaining cultural understanding will make you more effective and let you get on with the real work.

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Feeling frustrated because you aren't being valued or respected?

Learn to identify and create healthy boundaries.

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Engage and motivate your team in the most challenging circumstances.


Become the leader you've always wanted in your career. 

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Conflict Resolution

Where there are people, there will be conflict.


Tackle friction when it is initially to align expectations and resolve them in a calm and professional manner. 

Not sure if I can help?


Ayana - Client



Assertive communication is something I struggled with.


Our sessions made clear where I can improve and what I should keep in mind. Knowing those tips helped me on having more effective discussions with my team and managers.

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SW Engineer

at Facebook

Erika is patient and always gives prompt feedback. She treats clients with respect and always be very patient in listening to them.


Compared to other coaches I met, I feel she understands me better showing great empathy which makes me feel safe and calm.

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SW Engineer 

at Facebook

I was stuck in a project and fell into a cycle of frustration and self-blame. Erika patiently listened to my scenario and gave me a new perspective.

We broke down what was in my control and what wasn't, which relieved much of the pressure I had placed on myself.​

Image by Kevin Quezada


Insights Marketing Manager at

One of the most memorable breakthroughs we had was surrounding my struggle with saying no and also how I often feel overly apologetic in my communication.


That helped me understand how my communication issues were due to vocab or how I structure my thoughts, but because of my underlying thoughts that were translated into my word choices.

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