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Create Magical Connections

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Have you ever found yourself spilling your soul to someone you barely know because you feel a deep and instantaneous bond within hours of meeting them?

Whether it leads to friendship, professional opportunities, or romance, that type of bond is what Click: The Magic of Instant Connections aims to examine. From what leads us to feel this magic to what you can do to increase the frequency of having these connections, Ori and Rom Brafman give us examples of studies that back up their anecdotal success stories.

Should you read it?

The book’s main points have been summarized below and to be honest, aren’t very surprising. It is mostly common sense BUT like with anything you are learning, the longer and more effort you put into reading, reflecting on, and practicing, the more successful you’ll likely be able to apply the information.

Personally, I would instead read the summary of the main points and try to imagine professional and personal situations where you can apply this information. Challenge yourself to use the information the next time you meet someone new or someone you’d like to connect deeper with.

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