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Performance Review Guide (pdf)

Performance Review Guide (pdf)

Excluding Sales Tax

PSC. 360s. Reflections.


Whatever companies call them, self-evaluations all do one thing: torture employees regularly.


Performance reviews tied to promotions and compensation only adds to the stress of summarizing the work and impact you’ve had on the business.

  • What to Expect

    The guide is 50+ pages of easy-to-read advice accumulated from 2 years of working with employees of Facebook, Netflix, and other tech companies. 


    In articles on writing performance reviews, you’ll often find tips like “Write in a professional manner”. This book does not contain such common sense information and instead focuses on aspects that are overlooked. 


    Want some personlized guidance? Check out the Performance Review package.

  • Includes

    • 50+ pages 
    • Guidance on self-performance and peer review
    • Easy-to-understand instructions
    • Examples of common mistakes and how to fix them
    • Examples of good self and peer reviews
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