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Become a better team with workshops.

We are here to support you on your journey.

Do you want to foster an inclusive work environment?


Empower your talent into mentorship and new roles?

Feel your team is a cohesive unit driving towards the same goal?

Get Started.
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  • bespoke solutions that create the largest impact for your team

  • hands-on experience and immediate feedback from instructor and peers

  • starting from $1500

Are you like my corporate clients?

My clients are global leaders that have a diverse team in age, culture, and location

They have quickly grown their business and are looking to continue their expansion.

But they know that quick expansion can only get you to a certain level.

They have dreams that go beyond. 

They know to reach their next milestone; they need to invest in their employees. To develop their interpersonal skills so they can 10x their results.

They want to go from feeling frustrated by the challenges of growing a young and diverse team to feeling all the benefits. They want an agile, creative and productive team and ensure their people are equipped to find the best solution.

My clients aren’t afraid to be questioned and learn about other cultures. They love to test out new strategies in communication and talk with me about their findings.

I’ve worked with great clients from…

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How it works 💻

You know there is a blocker but can’t pinpoint it exactly. If you don’t know the root of the problem, you can’t find the right solution. That’s why our first step is to figure out exactly what the blocker is. 

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We’ll assess your communication 

Our first step will start by identifying the company's challenges and goals. We will then explore the situations where blockers appear. We will answer questions like, What has been implemented‌? Where have you seen the most results? Which cohort would benefit the most from workshops?

In addition, if possible, you will share a real life example. Emails, performance reviews, interpersonal conflicts, so we can identify blind spots to ensure you have a holistic solution. 

Based on our assessment, we will:

  • Identify potential workshop topics

  • Discuss where we can make the biggest impact

  • Create a personalised plan to get your company to your goal

Our Coaching Approach

How do we gain the skills and confidence to achieve our goals?

  • Mindset - Understand where our blockers come from. Engage participants in discussion rather than prescribing solutions.

  • Methodology - Learn frameworks for delivering communication.

  • Mastery - Practice in a safe, low stakes environment where mistakes aren’t penalized and are instead growth opportunities for the individual and their peers.

Our workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive and‌ actionable. Your team will have steps to take as soon as they walk out. This ensures their growth starts immediately. 

How soon can you see changes?

If your team is open to engage in discussion, you may be surprised by how quickly you notice a difference! After the workshop, they’ll:

  • Be able to define their areas of improvement

  • Understand how to self-guide their continuous learning

  • Have practiced and improved on a skill for the workplace

They will have a clear understanding of how to succeed and a higher awareness of their role in the team.

Skills we can target

Our clients have targeted skills like:

  • Performance Evaluation. From self-reported performance reviews to peer, upward and constructive feedback. How to both write and deliver this information ‌so that the intended audience can understand and feel motivated to take on the feedback.

  • Public Speaking. Whether you are presenting in front of a large audience or in a meeting, you can learn how to clearly explain complex ideas, engage the audience and persuade them toward your goal.

  • Cross-Culture Understanding. In an increasing global work environment, we are working with people whose cultures are different from our own. Knowledge of the differences will help us better accommodate one another. 

  • Leadership. Learn to motivate, nurture and drive others to be high-achievers.

  • Cross-Functional Communication. With a variety of stakeholders, how do you communicate everything that is needed to each party. Make communication seamless between teams.

  • Conflict Management. How to handle sensitive situations with compassion to others and yourself. De-escalate high-tension situations while opening up honest dialogue.

  • Confidence. Everyone gets nervous sometimes but it makes you doubt yourself, that’s when it needs to stop. We will go from being anxious to
    thinking, “That wasn’t perfect but I feel good about it.”

  • Listening skills. Enhance your ability to understand those around you, clarify any misunderstanding and ensure others feel heard, valued and understood.

Your coach: Erika


Erika Ng is a communication coach who has worked with hundreds of people since 2019. She’s coached engineers, designers, finance managers, hr specialists and directors and VPs in North America, Europe and Asia. 


Erika is a compassionate coach who guides you to solutions because she has been there before. She “understands me and shows great empathy which makes me feel safe and calm,” essential for trying new skills. In a few minutes, she can:

  • Find the deeper reasons for the blockers

  • Identify what would make the largest impact


Her unique approach comes from an unusual journey, starting as a fresh, shy science grad teaching English to Korean teens. She realised that public speaking skills didn’t come from nature; it comes with engaging your audience and practice. This insight started her on the path of becoming a communication coach. 


Her next role as Operations and HR Manager in Vietnam directed her passions to mentoring her team in basic management skills and cross-cultural communication. Running workshops on topics like giving constructive feedback to handling a low-performing employee, she has since transitioned to bringing those insights to international companies like Facebook, Google and Netflix. 

Benefits of communication coaching ✔️

Communication is essential to all aspects of life. While you may be starting out with professional goals, this will trickle into your personal life as well. 


The benefits of communication coaching include, but are not limited to:

  • identifying problems and their root blockers

  • Prioritising the most impactful solution

  • The confidence to test and analyse solutions


Let’s break each one of these down further


Identifying problems and their root blockers


Coaching gives you the time to ask deeper questions:

  • What are the variables in everyday communication?

  • Which excites and which makes you recoil? Why?

  • How does this affect you and those around you?

Prioritising the most impactful solution


As with most problems, there are many factors underneath the surface. Your coach will help you tease out the most probable and impactful solution to help focus your energy rather than spreading yourself too thin.


Our goal is to make your learning as streamlined as possible.

The confidence to test solutions and apply feedback


To grow, we need to leave our comfort zone but with coaching, the barrier to the growth zone is lowered. 


You have an expert guiding you and you will never wonder if you are heading in the right direction. Your coach is your compass. 

If you look over those benefits again, you’ll notice it not only applies to your communication skills. You will also be able to stretch these critical thinking and learning techniques into any self-guided education.


Choose a plan that suits you. Let’s get started!


Starting from 


Same workshop for another group or team


Starting from 


3 hour workshop

Kick off and review meetings

Resources to support peer coaching

Exercises: before, between, & after

Video recordings for review (limited-time)

4-20 participants



Starting from 


PowerPoint slide deck

Trainer guide in the slide notes

Course documents 

Participants’ workbook

PDF for long term roadmap

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